Direct Mail > Annual Giving > Higher Education

It doesn’t always take a 4-color OSE to grab attention. Baruch College of the City University of New York selected some vibrant images that were surely noticed by their alumni recipients. These 2-color OSEs were just what Baruch needed to give their direct mail a unique spin during an important campaign.

Fundraising Consulting > Conservation

Mapping organizational growth requires an effective communications strategy, especially when international programs receive funding from foundations, governments and major donors. Next Generation Fundraising helped US-based EcoLogic convey its pioneering work for indigenous people and natural resources in Mexico and Central America.

Fundraising Consulting > Evaluation & Analysis

Fundraising succeeds when there are clear strategies for targeting, messaging – and evaluating results. Helping guide client strategy are evaluation tools which include a Trend Dashboard, Database Analysis and Test Tracking.

Direct Mail > Message and Design > Conservation

The United States was riveted by disturbing images of the oil spill in the Gulf. Direct mail from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) successfully countered with strong, positive visuals and clear donor options.

Fundraising Consulting > Message & Design > Women’s Rights

A broad theme helped the Dallas Women’s Foundation hit a $30 million campaign goal, making it the largest women’s fund in the world. Communications then pivoted toward economic justice and stopping sex trafficking. Board, donors and guest speaker Queen Latifah delivered the message in person and volunteers spread the word by cell phone at a celebration event.

Online Integrated Fundraising > Message & Design > Conservation

A year-end campaign from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) reached donors on the web, via e-mail and by direct mail. Record results were also helped by the choice of single or monthly giving.

Annual Giving > Direct Mail > Public Broadcasting

A clean look, punchy language and the “Surprise us!” gift choice gave a lift to a familiar theme from PBS leader WGBH. A custom, short-hand URL boosted online giving.

Online Integrated Fundraising > Fundraising Consulting > International Relief

The United Methodist Church created 10-Fold, a series of live webcasts from four continents to draw attention to its international programs. In ten days almost 50,000 new advocates responded to e-mail and web promotions, generating online gifts as well as prospects for direct mail appeals.

Direct Mail > Annual Giving > Higher Education

How to position an appeal from the new president of Baruch College of the City University of New York? Interviews with President Wallerstein led to a letter noted for its personal tone, clear case – and great success.

Direct Mail > Annual Giving > Higher Education

Two waves of direct mail appeals were sent to alumni and parents from the dean and a key volunteer for Columbia University’s renowned School of Engineering and Applied Science. The theme was rooted in the school’s unique vision – while the appeal was driven by current year priorities.

Direct Mail > Annual Giving > Public Broadcasting

It’s nick-named “Gen Pen” because state-of-the-art equipment automates a genuine ballpoint pen. The warm, personal feel and inviting format produced record responses and big gifts for PBS stations in North Carolina, Houston, Phoenix, Denver and Boston. The appeal was a national project of the McPherson Public Broadcasting Co-op, and UNC-TV's version was honored with a DMAW MAXI Award.

Direct Mail > Message & Design

In direct mail, there’s a time for substance and a time for simplicity – especially for the all-important reply device. A fresh look at this often-neglected package element can boost results dramatically.